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Organic Foods with the HCG Drops Protocol

Maintaining an organic meal plan when you are on HCG drops is a good way to improve your diet experience. Organic foods give the body a respite from pesticides and chemical additives. This allows it to flush toxins that build up from eating less healthy products. Foods that go through any form of processing add to the accumulation of body toxins. Switching to an organic lifestyle keeps more from accumulating while the body adjusts to changes that improve the metabolic process. Going organic while on HCG means you give your body an increased chance for success.

Buying Organic Foods

Organic produce is available at most grocery stores these days, but shop wisely. Not all the raw fruits and vegetables laid out will fit this category. Look for signs that the food is grown organically before you buy. You will also find good selections in organic specialty stores. They provide only products that do not contain any pesticides or preservatives. Another place to find proper produce is a farmers market. Like the grocery store, look specifically for a notification that food is organic.

Just because food is organic doesn't mean it will fit into the HCG lifestyle, either. Those taking HCG drops need to stick to a strict protocol. Fast weight loss comes from following the plan carefully. Look for the list of approved foods in Dr. Simeons' Pounds and Inches manuscript or the instructions that should come as part of your HCG diet package.

Organic Meats

Organic goes beyond the produce aisle. The distinctive protocol of HCG suggests that dieters benefit by avoiding foods that contain antibiotics. This generally refers to meats and seafood. Livestock like poultry, pork, and beef often get antibiotic and hormone treatments to ward off illness and improve growth. The effect of these additives on the human body is two-fold. For some, the additional exposure to antibiotics helps improve their overall health. For many, however, adding more antibiotics to their life puts them at risk for immune problems. Over exposure to antibiotics is one reason bacteria are resistant to current treatments.

When using HCG drops, it helps to look at the labels on any meat products to ensure the livestock was raised organically. Some may indicate no antibiotic treatments while others may actually use the word "organic." Also look for grass-fed or range-fed beef.

The HCG protocol is about more than just taking HCG drops. It requires users to follow a strict regimen. It may be beneficial to eat organic foods, as well. The cost is more, but the benefits make it worthwhile. HCG dieters should consider avoiding foods that throw the body out of balance. It should run at peak performance levels in order to to get the most from the plan. The protocol involves tight monitoring of calories to ensure there are no more than 500 a day. Without the right strategy, dieters may lose energy and drag. It is the combination of healthy lifestyle, HCG drops and low calories that leads to success.
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