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What Is an Apple Day for the HCG Drops Diet?

The HCG drops diet is a very effective weight loss plan for those who need to lose a significant amount of weight. Despite its effectiveness, those who take HCG drops and follow the diet exactly as laid out in Dr. A.T.W. Simeons' manuscript, Pounds and Inches, may still experience non-linear weight loss and even stalls. You can deal with this problem on the HCG diet with an "apple day."

According to Dr. Simeons, a weight-loss plateau occurs when a dieter has not lost any weight for several days. It is more likely to occur in the core phase (phase 2), and it can last as long as four to six days. When fat is lost quickly, the body may choose to fill its fat cells with water in anticipation of needing those cells later. Many dieters who are losing quickly using HCG drops are used to seeing daily losses on the scale and can become discouraged when the number does not move. To help the body shed the accumulated water and give the dieter peace of mind, Dr. Simeons created the "apple day."

Breakfast on the Simeons' protocol consists of unsweetened tea and no food, so an apple day begins at lunch and goes for 24 hours. It ends at lunch the following day. The primary restriction that Dr. Simeons placed on an apple day was that it cannot be used on a day when the HCG drops are not taken. The diet plan continues without HCG drops at the end of a diet round for an additional three days. Therefore, an apple day cannot be used during the last three days of the diet.

On an apple day, instead of following Dr. Simeons' standard protocol, a dieter continues to take the HCG drops but limits food and liquids to six large apples and water. Although the apples can be eaten at any time the dieter feels hungry throughout that 24-hour period, water should be limited to only what is needed to satisfy thirst. According to Dr. Simeons, many dieters feel satisfied from eating the apples and do not feel the need to drink any water. Since the plateau comes from water retention, the water is not required.

When the 500-calorie diet resumes at lunch the following day, the excess water does not return. Instead, dieters will continue losing pounds and inches as they did before. An HCG diet apple day can be a great plateau-buster and give you some peace of mind, so you know the diet is still working.
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