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37 New Protein Choices for HCG Phase 3

When you finish the strict 500-calorie core phase of the HCG diet and you no longer have to take HCG diet drops, you're very, very ready for some new food choices. For three to seven weeks your protein has been limited to skinless, boneless chicken breast, extra-lean beef, and white fish. Now on HCG phase 3 you can eat whatever you want (except for sugar and starch), but after being so strict for so long, some people still worry and wonder exactly what's available.

The following HCG phase 3 food list shows a ton of new proteins that are allowed during HCG phase 3. At the end we'll point you to some resources for HCG phase 3 recipes.

HCG Phase 3 Foods: Meat

For those who love their meat, HCG phase 3 finally gives you the freedom to enjoy some of your favorites again. Although some dieters disregard Dr. Simeons' advice to avoid American beef, you may have chosen to be more strict—for you, American beef is now an option.

Even though you're technically free to eat whatever you want, it's probably best to be cautious with meat that's packed with nitrites and fat. Enjoy them, for sure—but do so sparingly. You might consider trying something completely new to celebrate your newfound freedom and your new, healthier weight!

1. Bacon
2. Beef jerky
3. Beef roast
4. Breakfast sausage
5. Elk
6. Ground beef
7. Ham
8. Hot dogs
9. Lamb
10. Liver
11. Pork chops
12. Prosciutto
13. Venison
14. Vienna sausage

HCG Phase 3 Foods: Fish

If you're a fish lover, you had the best case scenario of all HCG dieters, because you had the biggest range of choices. Now you have an even bigger variety to choose from. There are so many kinds of fish, we decided to keep it down to just 15 of some of the more popular choices.

15. Anchovy
16. Bass
17. Catfish
18. Clams
19. Eel
20. Herring
21. Mackerel
22. Mahimahi
23. Mussels
24. Oysters
25. Salmon
26. Sardines
27. Squid or calamari
28. Trout
29. Tuna

HCG Phase 3 Foods: Poultry/Fowl

A lot of people aren't fish fans, and felt the need to be strict about Dr. Simeons' recommendation not to eat American beef. For these poor, brave souls, chicken was the only real choice left. HCG phase 3 introduces the possibility of enjoying some less common poultry and fowl dishes. Try them out!

30. Duck
31. Goose
32. Pheasant
33. Turkey

HCG Phase 3 Foods: Other Protein Sources

Besides all the wonderful meat, fish, and poultry options, you can now enjoy other sources of protein. Due to the high starch content of beans and legumes, they're still off limits during HCG phase 3. Vegetarians might want to try them with care in small quantities. Otherwise, there are still more options:

34. Hummus (check ingredients)
35. Nuts of all types, including almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, and pistachios for just a few examples
36. Soy
37. Tofu

We hope you got some use out of this HCG phase 3 food list. With all the new options available, you may find yourself wishing for some new HCG phase 3 recipes to try out. That's available, too. Check out the Ultimate HCG Diet Recipe Book, which includes over 60 unique HCG phase 3 recipes that you can use to construct your own person HCG phase 3 menu. Or, even better, take a look at this Stabilization and Maintenance Program, the most comprehensive program of its kind.
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