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Headache Issues with HCG Diet Drops

Just like any other dietary transition, the HCG diet will also cause changes in your body and metabolic process. These changes can produce headache symptoms as your body adjusts, but understanding these changes will help you alleviate and minimize the headaches you might experience.

In addition to dosing of HCG diet drops, the diet plan also strictly minimizes the intake of carbohydrates. This is because in order to lose weight, your body must begin using stored fat as an energy source. HCG diet drops work by boosting your body's metabolic rate and reducing food consumption, thereby telling your body that it must use your body fat as energy.

Just as you experience headaches from eliminating caffeine and sugar consumption from your diet, the HCG diet can exhibit similar symptoms because your body expects to receive the fuels it did before beginning the diet. In addition to the sources of these fuels your body expects, you will also be adjusting to a much lower daily intake of calories.

The HCG diet works by first triggering your body's metabolic response by consuming larger amounts of food for a few days, and then reducing your calorie intake to as little as 600 calories a day. This can further contribute to headache symptoms you may experience while on this or any other diet that greatly contrasts your previous eating habits.

Another reason HCG dieters can experience headaches during the beginning is because of the fuel source. As your body becomes aware that it must use existing body fat for energy, this fat break down and pass through your bloodstream. Your body will work much harder to obtain fuel from fat stores than it would from normal food consumption. This can also contribute to headaches until your body gets used to metabolizing in this way.

The first couple of weeks are when headache symptoms will be the most prevalent. To reduce the amount of time it takes for your body to adjust, you should be sure to consume lots of water. Water is needed by your digestive system and body to support healthy metabolism and digestion. During the HCG diet, 10 glasses of water a day will help reduce headache severity and the time it takes for your body to adjust.

Herbal teas containing relaxants such as chamomile is a natural and effective way to reduce headache pain as well. You can choose to purchase over the counter headache treatments during your adjustment or take a L-glutamine supplement to reduce head pain.

It is important to remember that headaches are a common side effect of many nutritional changes in your diet. Just like other dietary adjustments, these side effects will pass in time. If you provide your body with lots of water and stick with it, your headaches will diminish more quickly until they are completely gone. The number on the scales may prove that the temporary discomfort was well worth the trouble.
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