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HCG Drops vs HCG Injections: Cost Comparison

You're smart to be concerned about the cost of the HCG diet plan. While some claim prescription HCG is the only way to go, they seldom point out its high cost. The newer products like homeopathic HCG and HCG replacement products are less expensive, but there are other considerations as well—things like support, shipping, and the quality of the guarantee you're getting (if you even get one).

There's a wide range of prices on HCG products, so it's tough to give specific numbers. It'll be easier to illustrate the basic differences by giving a few specific examples. The process of buying HCG products is different in each case, as is the cost.

HCG Injections from a Clinic

Gary goes in for a routine medical visit but gets some shocking and unpleasant news: he's got type 2 diabetes. His doctor says the best thing for him would to lose weight, and offers a coached HCG diet program. Gary figures it's better than counting calories, being hungry, and hundreds of hours of exercise it would take him to lose the weight normally—besides only taking seven weeks instead of a whole year.

The initial consultation costs him $150. He has to take an injection of prescription HCG every day for the whole seven weeks, costing $15 a piece. So far Gary's costs add up to about $800. His bank account is starting to look pretty empty. But then his smart and lovely wife reminds him of the costs of treating his diabetes—if he can get the diabetes under control, they'll save way more than $800 over the long run. Besides, once Gary loses the weight, he'll be trim and have a better quality of life.

How does $800 sound? It's actually a pretty conservative estimate compared to some doctors. You can easily get into the thousands depending on where you go. Luckily there's a cheaper way.

HCG Injections from the Web

Carrie has decided that she's had enough of being overweight, out of breath, and depressed about her body all the time. She's also had enough of those diet programs that offer the moon but don't deliver. Her friends have had such amazing success with the HCG diet—maybe it will work for her, too. Unfortunately, Carrie looks at her budget and she just doesn't have $800 to spend on an expensive clinic.

So she starts to look online for other options. She quickly realizes she can buy HCG online for a lot less than she would at a clinic. The down side is that most of these companies seem to get their HCG from out of the United States. Then she finds a US-based company that offers prescriptions over the phone. She'll talk with a licensed medical doctor on the phone who will make sure Carrie will be healthy on the diet, and the company will quickly mail the prescription HCG to Carrie's door. The doctor's consultation only costs $50, and the HCG supplies are just $80. Add in shipping and Carrie's only paying $200 for her HCG diet program.

That's sounds a lot better, doesn't it? Carrie saved $600 more than Gary just by purchasing her HCG online. If that deal sounds good to you, we'll suggest a good option at the end of this article.

But there's an even cheaper way, too.

HCG Drops from the Web

Allison has had two kids and definitely has some stubborn baby weight to lose. She's internet-savvy and quickly finds some information on homeopathic HCG drops—they're just as effective as prescription HCG but don't require the hassle of going through a doctor. Unfortunately, she then stumbles upon some disheartening information about the FDA banning homeopathic HCG. Is this route still worth looking into?

Allison decides to keep digging, reasoning that a couple hours of online research is worthwhile if it can save her a hundred dollars or more. She discovers that some companies are still selling homeopathic HCG illegally, and others have introduced some kind of replacement product. Many of them seem to be using homeopathic ingredients that aren't listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of the United States (HPUS) and are therefore illegal. Others have just replaced HCG with some other dietary supplement, but that doesn't make any sense—they just don't do the same thing as HCG.

That's when Allison comes across a company selling a new product that uses ingredients specifically chosen to replicate the effect of HCG that are still listed in the HPUS. This company gets their product from an FDA-registered lab and offers unlimited phone and email support. They also offer free guidebooks and recipes plus a membership that gives discounts on future orders. On top of that, the company offers an amazing money-back guarantee. With free shipping, the product costs just under $100 for a full-length course of the HCG diet. Although it's a little more expensive than some of those less reputable companies, that guarantee seals the deal.

These examples should help demonstrate the difference between some of the options available to you. The numbers are only examples, and actual prices can vary a lot. But most products fall pretty close to these examples.

There's a lot to consider when looking HCG drops and injections. When looking at different options, don't forget to add in the hidden costs of shipping, support, quality, and the hassle of doctors and prescriptions.
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