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HCG Phase 1 - Definitions and Differences

While almost all HCG diet plans agree on the 3 main phases of the diet, there are two variations to the first phase or phase 1. Many people follow Kevin Trudeau's book The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About which refers to phase 1 as a cleansing/detox phase. Other people skip that step entirely and jump right into the "loading" or "gorging" part of the HCG diet and call that phase 1. Here is a chart showing this difference:

HCG Phases Based on Kevin Trudeau's book HCG Phases Also in Popular Use
Phase 1: Cleansing/Detoxification Phase 1: Loading Phase
Phase 2: Loading Phase plus Weight Loss Phase (Strict Diet) Phase 2: Weight Loss Phase (Strict Diet)
Phase 3: Stabilization Phase 3: Stabilization
Phase 4: Maintenance Phase 4: Maintenance

Cleansing / Detoxification (some plans call this phase 1): This optional phase can take up to 30 days, depending on what detoxification and cleansing protocols are followed. This phase is not necessary for the HCG diet to be successful, but some dieters and clinicians prefer starting this way. Various detoxification and cleansing protocols can be followed, but the main point is to rid the dieter of the toxins present in processed foods and to clear up any pre-existing digestive issues. If you decide to include this phase, follow your plan carefully and be ready to begin the actual HCG diet immediately afterward.

If you don't do a cleansing/detox, then your "HCG Phase 1" will begin immediately with the loading phase. This is when HCG dosing begins. Be sure to follow your dosing instructions exactly and administer your doses at the same time each day. If you are using HCG drops, it is best to take them before a meal rather than after.

Eating as much as you can, especially of fatty foods does not seem logical when starting a diet. It is OK to feel that way, but do it anyway. It is very important during the loading phase to consume as much fatty food as possible. This helps your body to begin to process fat as its primary source of energy, and is also thought by some to help in transporting the HCG hormone into your fatty tissues. It can also help the dieter psychologically by allowing the unlimited consumption of favorite foods, most of which will not be allowed during the second phase of the diet, which is highly restrictive regarding which foods are allowed and how much of these foods.

It is best to concentrate on eating lots of fatty foods, but you can eat sweet things as well, especially if they also include lots of fat. Some plans suggest limiting carbohydrate intake, but the main reason to limit it is to allow for more fat intake. Some great examples of foods to eat during this phase are Cheese, Pizza, Burgers, Butter, Cream, Pancakes and other rich cakes, Bacon, Nuts, Oils, Sausage, Peanut butter and other nut butters, Gravy, Avocados, Ribs, Stuffed potato skins, Onion rings, Ranch dressing, Cheesecake, Chocolate, and Donuts.

Go ahead, get creative with your food in this phase. Top any of these foods with others. Add some bacon and cheese to your burger, spread plenty of butter, peanut butter, chocolate, or cream cheese on your pancakes, add a tablespoon of butter or coconut oil in your coffee, etc.

How often and what times of day you eat during this phase are not as important as the overall quantity of food and especially the fat content of that food. Whether you are used to eating many or few meals each day, it would probably be easiest to just make sure you eat plenty of high-fat foods during those meals rather than trying to change how often you eat. You might as well leave at least the timing and frequency as is during phase 1, your diet will be going through some drastic changes in phase 2.

Here are the essential elements for phase 1:
1. Eat as much fatty food as you can
2. Take your daily doses of HCG at the same time each day
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