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Hi! David here.

First of all, here are those Top 10 HCG Diet Mistakes. (It's a PDF document you can save to your computer, or just view here online if you wish).

I have watched the diet industry for many years, and I'm a bit of a health nut. I've studied the HCG protocol and watched the industry since 2009.

I like to see people succeed on the HCG diet. That's why I decided to create this website.

Most websites with information on the HCG diet are too one-sided or not comprehensive enough, because really their main goal is to sell a product. I hope after reading some pages, you can see that this website is different. Our focus is information.

The HCG diet is not perfect, but nothing is. Yet the HCG diet just seems to have that "special something" that really works for most people.

I've heard so many stories over the years like this one:

"I have been heavy my entire adult life. For years I had tried everything. Laxatives, lemonade diet, running, Jenny Craig, whatever. It was so frustrating. I hated feeling judged (even if that wasn't really true, I just didn't feel great about myself). I also just lacked energy and wanted to be more active and mobile.

The last straw was when I went to visit family and was later looking at my pictures. I just blew up. I never wanted to be fat in family pictures again! I started to research the HCG diet but was very skeptical. But my sister Joan and her friend Melissa went ahead with it. Melissa had recently had a baby and had gained over 50 pounds. Of course she was still a beautiful mother but she just wanted the extra weight off ASAP. Joan had also gained extra pounds she couldn't stand and desperately needed a solution.

Long story short, after I saw their results I couldn't get started fast enough. I wanted those results too!

It wasn't easy to remain focused but my sister's advice helped: "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!". That quote really helped me commit. In one short round I had lost 17 pounds. I was rarely hungry, felt terrific and I have forever changed my eating habits.

It was the steady weight loss that really kept me motivated, and the variety of foods (even if small portions) provides for delicious meals."

You can probably tell I'm enthused about the potential of the HCG diet plan. Yet I've tried my best to be conservative, not promise miracles, and to give a straightforward information.

I'd love to help you even more ... and I've got a lot more to share, if you're open to it. To do this, I'd like to "spill the beans" so to speak, in the privacy of your inbox. I prefer that over a public website. That's just how I prefer to roll.

For starters ... here are two FREE guides I'd like to give you:

No-Nonsense Guide to the HCG Diet:

This is a concise, accurate guide to the protocol. It has all the instructions, all the rules, in one short, easy-to-read document. It has all of the core details you need, in one concise guidebook. It even has some starter recipes! (As a bonus, it also includes the full text of Pounds and Inches in the back)

HCG Weight Loss Consumer Awareness Guide: How to Avoid the Dangers, Scams and Illegal Products While Losing Weight on the HCG Diet

Yes, it is very possible you're being lied to. I've been around this industry for 6 years and know what the product options are.

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This series is for anyone serious about real success on the HCG diet. If you want to achieve lasting results, this is for you.

I can't cover everything in detail in the email series -- but you'll get some critical information that you can read quickly and take action on.

I'll send you an email every day for 5 days ... where you'll discover, among other things:
  • The very FIRST thing you should do, and it's not loading/gorging, buying HCG, cleansing, or anything like that. In fact, even if you're currently on the diet you can STILL do this.
  • The one thing you should do every day that works like magic to troubleshoot problems and give you amazing long-term weight management benefits both for the HCG diet and beyond
  • What to do about plateaus. A simple way to know if it is really a plateau. And a trick you'd never think of that can automatically release weight your body is holding on to.
  • The most critical but overlooked part of Dr. Simeons protocol ... ignore it and you will fail to achieve the weight loss you want
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